Workout Tips

It is important that not only are you basically toned, but that you have a variety of muscle definition. There are a few tips I will share for getting the most out of your workout.

1. Change your hand and feet position with each set. If you stood with your feet forward the first set, stand with your toes out the next one, then your toes in for the third set. This will activate and develop different muscles in your legs, providing a better looking leg. Plus it makes working out a little more interesting.

2. Keep your neck in line. In order to not strain your neck or cause nerve damage, always keep your spine straight around your neck area. Pretend that you have a yardstick on your back up to your head. Let you head go where your upper back goes. It is tempting to look in the mirror or around when you lifting, unless your chest is facing the mirror, you shouldn’t be.

3. Don’t overlift. Especially for women, don’t lift heavier than what you can do at least 15 reps correctly. There is no need for women, especially bikini competitors to lift heavy. You should challenge yourself, but don’t overdue it. When you lift too heavy, you can loose your form and cause injury.

4. Don’t train like a guy. Often I see women working out with their boyfriends who are having them do the same exercises as them. Some exercises are not relevant to the figure you are wanting to create. It is best to find a trainer who has experience with bikini competitors.


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