There are quite a few modalities I use during my training, and life for that fact. They help to keep my going, stay focused and relax when times get hard.

iNLP Center
The iNLP Center is an online training center that offers NLP trainings and personal development courses. One awesome course that should really be used prior to achieving any goal is their self-sabotage program called The AHA Solution. It teaches you to notice when you get in your own way of achieving your goal and how to choose another option. It is really powerful stuff! I practice it whenever I begin to notice a lack of motivation or desire to give in to something that does not support my ultimate goal.

Quantum Healing
I use a form of Quantum Healing to connect with my body. I regularly check in with my body to discover what’s going on inside, what areas need attention and to heal and adjust them. It is about having compassion and caring for the specific body parts that need encouragement to keep working at their optimal level. It might sound a little nutty, but it works! It also brings joy as you become more connected and show love to yourself.

Tame the DMN
Tame the DMN is an online course which teaches how to focus on your senses to turn off your Default Mode Network. Your DMN is the part of your brain responsible for the mind chatter and negative thinking that creates stress in our life. When you learn how to turn this part of your brain off when you need to, it makes achieving your goals and loving yourself easier. When you learn how to focus on your senses, it makes your workout and cardio much easier to get through.