Tilapia and Brussel Sprouts

This is something I eat twice a day with I’m carb depleting during 10-day prep. It is not something I would usually eat but there is some reason it tastes really good during that time. I could choose other vegetables but I chose brussel sprouts because they create a nice bitter/sweet flavor with the fish. I honestly believe that if we listen to our body it will tell us what we it needs. When we listen to our emotions, we eat the wrong things which is a form of self-sabotage.

Tilapia and Brussel Sprouts

6-oz Tilapia
6 Brussel Sprouts
1/4 c Chopped Green Onion
1/2 Fresh Lemon cut in wedges
Fresh Garlic
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil

1. Saute Garlic and Green Onion in Olive Oil on medium heat.
2. Squeeze a lemon wedge in pan and generously sprinkle salt and pepper too.3. Lay in Fish and repeat step 2 on top of fish, leaving lemon wedges in pan.
4. Spray with a little balsamic vinegar and cover pan.
5. Cook about 3 minutes while you slice brussel sprouts in 3 slices each.
6. Add brussel sprouts to pan and squeeze lemon and spray with balsamic.
7. Add about 1/8 cup water to pan to steam sprouts.
8. Turn over fish, spray with more balsamic, generously sprinkle salt and pepper and cover pan.
9. Cook another 4-5 minutes then serve.

The balsamic creates a nice sweet taste when it gets a little burnt. The scraping in the pan are the best!
Works well served over rice  Рcuts the fishy taste.
When you cook the fish with a lid and add a bit of water, it steams the fish. Just make sure to add the water after you seared it. (Like we did)

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