Shredded Chicken Lettuce Tacos

I love crock pots to slow cook meat all day. It makes cooking a lot of meat simple and easy not to mess up. Cooking in a crock pot allows you to put the meat in with the seasonings in the morning and it will be ready for dinner without having to monitor it all day long. I like meat very tender and a crock pot will get it there.

One good recipe is shredded chicken. You can use fresh or frozen chicken breasts, as much as you want. Cooking in a crock pot will allow the chicken to absorb all the seasonings and be very tender to fall apart as you shred it for other uses.

4 Chicken breasts
16 oz Salsa
Chili powder
Chopped Onion
Sliced Bell Peppers
Romaine Lettuce

Put chicken and all ingredients to taste in crock pot and turn on to high. Usually I cook it at the highest setting for the most amount of time, just to make sure it gets totally tender.

When chicken is cooked, remove chicken from pot and shred with a fork. Then line up romaine lettuce leaves and fill with chicken and top with salsa and avocado. Watch portion size. You still want to make sure you are only eating 4-6 oz of chicken and no more than a 1/2 avocado and not too much salsa! Remember, if you are going for fat loss, don’t use cheese or sour cream.

Another option would be to chop up lettuce and make into a salad.

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