Protein Ice Cream you can Eat All Day!

You really should have to have a Vitamix to use this recipe.


2 scoops flavored protein
4 cups ice
favorite sweetener for taste if necessary

For the liquid use one of the below:
1/4 cup milk or half and half (half & half has less sugar than milk)
1/4 cup juice

If you are eating fruit, you can add a banana to make it creamier.


Vitamixes are easy. Put it all in and turn it on until creamy. You should be able to turn the Vitamix upside down and the mixture does not come out. If not, add more ice.

I use chocolate protein, instant espresso, walnuts and the milk. I add the walnut at the end so they don’t get blended too much but stay chunky.

You can also use frozen berries in place of half the ice.

Adding a little vanilla protein powder also will make it creamier tasting.

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