My Cardio Drink

People ask me all the time how my skin stays so nice. I do tan and am not a spring chicken anymore. For me, keeping nice, tight, smooth skin is really important. Especially when you are losing fat. If your weight goes up and down, you can think about your skin like a balloon that you blow up and let air out over and over. The balloon stops going back to it’s old size and gets kind of saggy.  To combat this, here is a drink I use ever morning when I do my cardio. You can mix it to your own taste.

Hope’s Cardio Drink

1/2 scoop Collagen Peptide powder (it’s flavorless)
32 oz. water (or average sports water bottle)
pure lemon juice (I use Italian Volcano Organic from Costco)
Pure stevia liquid
1 tsp Glutamine

I don’t like mine too tart so I go easy on the lemon juice. Because I drink this on an empty stomach doing my cardio, too much acid from the lemon can give you a yucky stomach. You can also drink this all day (without the collagen). The amount of Collagen powder I use is one full scoop a day, so I have the other 1/2 scoop later in a coffee smoothy.

The Collagen Peptide I use is Dr. Bernd Friedlander. Iti s Hydrolyzed collagen 15g per scoop. It has 54 calories and 13.5g of protein. In this picture I am just about 42 and you can see how tight my skin is.


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