It’s all downhill from here – Understanding your Timeline

A couple of years ago my husband, Mike,  and I were creating our online NLP training program. We were creating videos that people watch to learn NLP techniques. At that time I did not know much about NLP so using me as the client in the videos was interesting. We were working on one particular technique called “Timeline Elicitation”. Basically, he asked me how I see my life. Do I see it out in front of me moving forward, side to side, up and down? I observed that I see it as a a roller coaster that goes up then down. I could see the going up clearly – childhood, adolescence, young adulthood. Then it hit the top which is where I was at that point. Then, I saw it going down for the rest of my life. It kind of went into a darkness where I could not see a future.

I noticed that I did not like the way it felt. It went right along with the fact that I was turning 40 that year and I saw 40 as kind of the end of feeling young. My kids were getting older, I had done so many things already, what was left except getting old? It really made me anxious and I dreaded this time of my life that was approaching. I didn’t feel old.

I told Mike that I didn’t like the way my timeline felt. It seemed so negative and I would like it to feel more positive and keep going up, not drop down and feel scary. He said timelines can be changed. Once we discover what out timeline is, we can can choose how we would rather feel and change it.

So we did another video where he shows me how to change it. You can watch it below. Maybe it will help you if you are going through a mid-life crisis. You can see how I felt after we changed my timeline. For more information on NLP, visit

Changing Your Timeline

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