Chinese Broccoli Beef

Sometimes I wonder if things really taste how I think they do. This recipe is an example of this.

Red Meat and Vegetables can be part of a training diet. And like you know, you have to eat the same thing everyday. When I am in my last ten days before a competition, six ounces of Top Sirloin with Broccoli are my fourth meal of the day, everyday. And, I really don’t care much for red meat! Additionally, my spice choices are limited so jazzing it up can be difficult. Luckily, I’ve found a way to make it not so dense and boring and actually look forward to this meal.

Chinese (sort of) Broccoli Beef

1. Heat a pan on medium with some spray olive oil in it.2. Saute in some minced garlic, green onion, pepper and salt – as much as you like. The more you use, the more the flavor!
3. Add 6 oz of Top Sirloin (I like to use organic or grass fed beef – taste soo much better!)
4. Spray the meat with a few squirts of Balsamic Vinegar, season with more pepper and salt.
5. Cover for a few minutes.
6. Add enough water to cover bottom of pan and add broccoli.
7. Spray with Balsamic Vinegar and recover to steam broccoli.
8. Cook until broccoli is medium green and not much water is left.


To increase “Chinese” flavor, add sesame seeds at end of cooking or add more salt to bring out more flavor.

If you can have soy sauce, replace the Balsamic Vinegar with it.

If you get carbs with this meal, serve over rice.

Note: I add alot of salt to this recipe as I am loading up on salt when this is my meal. It might not be right for you.
Note: Balsamic Vinegar is thought to increase Candida. If you are on a candida-free diet, you might want to avoid it.

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