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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Protein?

kideating-istockKids tend to eat a lot of carbs and little protein. If your kids are like mine, they tend to grab quick snacks such as granola bars, cereal, toast or fruit. Unfortunately, there is not much, if any, protein in these. Getting them to eat the right amount of protein per day is difficult.

Not just kids, but teens are especially in need of protein. My teens are up at 6am and spend the day at school. My daughter is so tired when she gets home, she sleeps for a few hours before dinner and homework time. Being able to cope each day with the pressure of academics, social drama and workload is a lot for a teen, so getting the right amount of amino acids is essential!

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Let’s Talk Turkey about Amino Acids

roast-turkey-su-600619-xI used to hate eating turkey. It seemed flavorless compared to chicken and beef. When I started on my transformation diet, I was forced, however, to incorporate turkey into my meals each day.

Suddenly, I began to actually want it. It didn’t matter what seasoning I put on it, it always tasted great.

Pretty soon turkey became my protein of choice. What was turkey doing for my body that made me crave it so much? The answer is in the protein.

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Protein Powders:
The Good, The Bad and The Toxic

Protein-Powders-the-good-the-bad-the-toxicProtein powder is big business. If you’ve been to a health food store lately, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by the selection of protein powders available. I’m not just talking flavors, but different types of protein.

Because we use protein powder as a meal replacement, it’s important to know what we’re really getting. Will it help us or hurt us?

Being in the fitness world as a bodybuilding competitor, I’ve noticed that everyone has a favorite protein type. Of course, they all think theirs is better than the rest. Who do you listen to?

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Top 5 Supplements to Supercharge Fat Burning

How-Your-Hormones-Could-Be-Whipping-You-Up-a-Muffin-Top...Getting rid of body fat can be a long process. You might be eating right and exercise, but the body fat is just not coming off quickly enough.

As we get older, our metabolism slows down, which makes it harder to convert fat into energy. One key to lowering your body fat by boosting the rate at which your body burns calories is to use metabolism boosting supplements. One of the following supplements may even encourage your body to favor fat as your energy source.

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Eating & Maintaining Off-Season

So what happens when you’re off your diet, whether it’s because you’ve met your goal or you’re off season? I’ve gotten so used to my transformation diet plan and competition prep diet but now I need to start eating for everyday. However, because I am very happy with where I am, I don’t want to go nuts and eat everything I used to eat before.

This might have happened to you. I go to my pantry and look for something to eat. Right away panic sets in as I see all the foods I have learned to hate with little voices in my head reminding me of what I used to look like. What can I choose and not feel guilty about? To figure out what to do, I met with Bud Ravenscroft (3x World Champion Bodybuilder and my trainer).

I told Bud that I wanted to not be a slave to eating every 3 hours, have a little more variety in my meals and not feel guilty about the things I eat. He immediately asked what I like to eat. “Chips and Salsa”, I said.

He said, “Great, you can have that! Do you like pizza, burritos, tacos?”

“Of course I do”, I said excitedly.

He told me that just by changing out the ingredients, such as making my chips out of grains instead of corn and putting extra hot sauce in my salsa, I can make chips and salsa healthy and keep burning fat. I will include the recipe for this when I perfect it!

Additionally, keeping check on fats. It’s important to only get your fats from living sources. That would include lean meat, flax, nuts. Of course you never want to overdo it. Too much fat can creep up on you really fast!

The same goes with carbs. Choosing complex carbs is most important. We all know that. But do you know what complex carbs are the best? It’s not white rice or oatmeal. The best complex carbs would be ones derived from grains and sweet potatoes. Sorry, Lucille’s BBQ sweet potato fries don’t count.

Let’s talk about meat. Especially red meat. Red meat is hard for your body to digest so it is best to have it prepared very thin. Helping to break it down before it goes in your body will allow it to move through you better. When I buy red meat, I have the butcher either slice it up really thin, grind it, or chop it into little pieces. The other benefit of this is that you can prepare it very quickly and it absorbs your seasoning, that helps break it down further. Good beef choices are London Broil and Top Sirloin. You can also make jerky out of it. That will allow you to take it with you, but it does take forever to make unfortunately.

The idea with eating right is pretty simple. Choose foods that give you the biggest bang for your buck while staying within a specific calorie/fat/carb ratio. You should always choose the foods that are the most nutritious and provide the benefits you are looking for.

To stay within your diet, Bud suggested determining your class weight range. This is assuming you have met your target weight and just want to maintain. So, an example is that my class weight range is 105 – 108. Then, weigh yourself every morning and determine what you eat based on that. If you are at the high side, eat less that day. If you are on the the low side, eat more. Pretty simple. And of course, exercise and lift weights to maintain shape and muscle tone.

I hope this helps. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.