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hope-bundrant-bootyBecause I compete in Bikini the size of my booty is important as well as leg muscle development, I like to use the Stairmaster for my cardio. However, the way I use the Stairmaster is important. I always use a slow speed and intervals and the following positions. With all of these, wear training shoes, not running shoes. The flatter your shoes, the better the workout.

To get your booty bigger, each time you step, push out your hips and tighten your glute. If you change the position of your feet, you can feel different muscles in your glutes. These are the different positions I use:

1. Step with your toes out and feet apart, tightening your glute as you take each step.
2. Step over each foot with one another while you push out your hips and tighten glute.
3. Lean down over the front of the machine and push your glute up as you tighten your hamstring with each step. (Like the open leg back pose)4. Step up two stairs at a time, lifting your back legs to clench the top of your glute. This will give you a “butt lift” look. While you’re doing this, step on the step with your toes to stretch your calves.

To tone your legs, each time you step, focus on your leg muscles. It is important to work all sides of your legs and why not kill two birds with one stone? Everything you do, make sure to tighten your muscles while you do it. These are the different positions I use:

1. To tone your quads, hold on and lean back into more of sitting position as you take each step up. (This helps your biceps and forearms too)
2. To tone the outside and inside of your legs, turn to the side and step up sideways, skipping one step with the inside foot and crossing over with the outside foot. Make sure to lean towards the front of the machine, putting the weight on the inside leg. If you lean out, you will work a stomach side muscle that you should not develop. It’s an ugly one!
3. To work out your hamstrings and calfs, step up two steps and bend your leg back, lifting your foot as you begin to step up. This is similar to #4 above for butt. The only difference is that you try to touch your foot to your butt after kicking it back. You will really feel this in the back of you leg. Then, step through to the next step.

You can see why I go at a slower pace to allow for tightening and clenching of muscles. With all these, make sure to really emphasize the movement for maximum muscle workout! They will get much easier with time.



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