Beef Fried Rice

This is a low-fat version of beef fried rice. I wouldn’t necessarily eat this while prepping because of the soy sauce, but works great as a diet meal.

5 oz. Grass-Fed Top Sirloin (sliced into small pieces)
1/2 cup cooked rice
1 egg white
fresh garlic
chopped green onion
bell pepper
sesame seedssoy sauce

1. Heat tsp of olive oil in pan on medium heat
2. Saute green onion and garlic to taste
3. Add meat, salt, pepper, soy sauce, 1/8 cup water and cover
4. Cook for 3 minutes.
5. Add egg whites and mix meat with it until egg is cooked
6. Add chopped vegetables and cooked rice, mix up, repeat seasonings and cover
7. Cook for 3 more minutes.
8. Serve with sesame seeds

Grass-fed beef tastes better and is more tender than regular beef. It is healthier as well.
Don’t overdo the sesame seeds. They are a source of fat. You could also add chopped peanuts and cayenne pepper to create a more Kung-Pao flavor.

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