5-Minute Protein Pancake

This is one of our family favorites, even for those not on a special diet. It can be altered to whatever flavor you like in the morning or anytime. It’s great because the cooking time is the time it takes to take your supplements. It’s not messy so you can easily make it and eat it in the car.
Additionally, it can be made larger or smaller based on the grams of protein you require for the meal.

1. Heat a pan on medium with a little spray olive oil in it.

2. In a magic bullet or blender, add:
• 1/2 scoop protein powder – any flavor • 1/2 cup egg whites
• 1/3 cup quick oatmeal (they blend better)
• Tbs water
• Vanilla to taste
• Cinammon to taste

3. Pour in mixture and cover pan with a lid.

4. Wait about 3 minutes or until you smell it cooking.

5. Flip the pancake over. Because it will be about the size of your pan, be careful or it will get messy!

6. Cover again and wait a few more minutes then pull it out.

7. At this point you can either eat it plain or put a little peanut butter on it and fold it up into a taco shape to take with you.

If you will be putting peanut or almond butter on it, choose a protein powder that will add to the flavor. I like to use a banana flavor powder which makes it taste like banana bread.

If you aren’t eating oatmeal, you can use puffed rice or millet instead. Just keep the same ratio of carb to protein.

If you can have berries, blending some berries up into a jam and putting on with some peanut butter creates a nice pb&j sandwich. Just use Vanilla protein for the pancake. Great alternative to bread and has tons of protein!

Get creative and it will become your favorite meal of the day!

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