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The purpose of this site is to help you achieve your fitness goals smart and simply. As a mom, wife and business owner, I have to be all about efficiency and on top of everything!

I am 41 years old and felt my life was getting away from me. It is not my norm to set big goals, generally I just take it as it comes. It has made such a difference in so many areas of my life to set a difficult and outside-my-comfort-zone goal and really push myself to achieve it. The idea of exercising three hours a day, preparing and eating 6 meals a day that aren’t of my choosing, and getting up on a stage, nearly naked, in front of thousands of people was not something I had ever thought I would do or want to do. But I didn’t give up, even when I really, really wanted to. And it was worth it. I love it and continue to compete.

There are many things that can deter you from success. My goal for this site is to provide quick and delicious diet recipes, exercise tips for working out and most importantly, personal development articles to help you make the changes in behavior and thoughts that get in the way of your ultimate success.

Diet is a big deal when achieving your fitness and weight goals. Not having the ingredients you need or knowing what to eat can stop you in your tracks and result in serial cheat meals, thus keeping you from reaching your goals.

There are a lot of tricks I use when working out. I like to be efficient and use my time wisely since I don’t have much of it. I would like to share those tips with you so you can get the most out of you workout and cardio routine.

Most important, personal growth is the key to happiness and success. Before attempting any goals, whether fitness, weight loss or relationships, understanding and taking charge of your behaviors is at the core.

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I hope I inspire you to set goals, and push yourself to achieve them…even seemingly crazy ones!

Apply Yourself, Surprise Yourself!

-Hope Bundrant